The Affair of the Necklace (2001)
(IMDb review)

Adrien Brody as Nicolas

A wasted opportunity. This could have been a thrilling costumed heist movie, but is ruined by the script's insistence on treating the devious courtesan/conwoman Jeanne de la Motte-Valois as a doe-eyed victim with an entirely invented 'tragic past', and an unconvincing performance by Hilary Swank. Thankfully it didn't sink young Adrien Brody's career. The uneven script makes him sometimes the comic foil, sometimes serious plotter, as the cuckolded Nicolas (and who, with any taste, could possibly cheat on him with Simon Baker?!!!!. He looks just too, too languidly beautiful in - or indeed, half out of - 18C costume... That 'raven-in-the-snow' colouring...)  


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