Fifth Lesson.

(Seven Days.)

Lesson as in No. 4 - Using Spur on the Move - Going about on the Haunches without touching the ground with the Fore-feet - Cantering to both Hands.

THE spur must be made use of on the move. The rides being at a walk, the horses are brought to bear the application of the spur without breaking from the walk, or throwing their haunches "in" or " out." After applying the spur, if the horses get unsteady, halt, and quiet them. "Reining Back" must now be practised as much as possible.

Halt the rides on the sides of the school frequently, and give the word, "On the Haunches About," vide Plate 13; at this caution throw the horse's weight from the forehand to the haunches, and feel the outward snaffle rein with the right hand, (those working to the right, passing the right hand over to it); horses' heads bent to where they are to turn to, (see Instructions for Circling on the Haunches, page 23).

On the word "March," bring both hands inwards, applying the outward leg to turn the horse round, at the same time raising the fore feet from the ground, by a feeling of both reins, and a pressure of both legs; the outward Snaffle rein assisting in keeping the haunches steady; and the horse, turning on the hind leg on that side to which he goes about. When round, those files that passed the right hand over, to the left snaffle rein, resume the right one. And the horses should be squared and made much of before they are put about again..

Before cantering, form single ride, take them on the circle and canter them to both hands, always striking them off from a walk, and frequently bringing them to a walk, without allowing them to fall first into a trot; then halt them and "Rein Back;" on no account let the leading files hurry!

Bending Lessons as usual.

*"On the Haunches About" is a "Demi Pirouette," or half circle; the Pirouette is a whole circle. (Vide Plate 14.)