Sixth Lesson.

(Seven Days.)

The Lesson as in Nos. 4 and 5 - Reining Back and Using the Spur on Move as usual - Going About on Haunches - "On the Forehand About*" - Cantering in Double Ride.

BEGIN as in Lessons four and five; and during the Lesson, after you have practised "On the Haunches About," halt the rides on the side of the school, and give the word "On the Forehand About," horses' heads remain bent inwards, but the reins must both be felt equally outwards, to throw the weight to that side, (for the horses turn on their outward fore leg,) close the inward leg slightly, and in front of the girths, to dispose the horse to raise his inward fore leg. On the word "March," feel the outward rein, and apply firmly the outward leg, the inward one keeping the horse up to the hand, and preventing him from reining back.

The horses should be able to do these half Pirouettes renversées easily from being accustomed to circle daily on the forehand; and this way of throwing the horse about is as useful to a soldier in hand to hand conflict as the going about on the haunches.

After the trotting and bending Lessons, practise the horses at Cantering on the circle in the double ride, and, when steady, take them down the centre; "Right and Left Turn" (outwards), always recommencing on the circle, and bring them to a Walk for the changes. Continue to give them plenty of reining back at all opportunities during the whole of the lesson, and finish as before.

*Demi Pirouette renversée