Kingdom of Heaven

by Doc M (12/PG-13)

Mary-Sue is the scourge of fanfiction. Juliet is one of her creators: a wannabe Mediæval Bæbe undergraduate who fantasises about Orlando Bloom, girls disguised as boys fighting as knights, and romantic but violent deaths. When she discovers that Beatrice, an embittered postgrad and (unromantic) Edinburgh-Italian chipshop owner's daughter, has a magic ring which enables her to conduct a secret courtly love-affair in 12C Jerusalem, she gets mad. And even. She steals the ring, and goes in search of her rival's beloved bel senhor, "the fairest and noblest of knights, as matchless in valour as in beauty" - intent on seduction. But there are a few surprises in store for her, and lessons to be learned.

A fable on the perils of time-travel, the glories of fin amors, and a parody of the vida of Jaufre Rudel and his amor de lonh...

Mary Sue, Oltra Mar


by Doc M (12/PG-13)

A fantasy/comedy/mystery. The scriptwriter and director of a certain Crusades epic argue over some a-historical character deaths that have appeared in the script. The scriptwriter swears he didn't write them: they just materialised in his computer. But why did the scriptwriter receive an e-mail captioned The Return of the King? Is someone seeking a literary revenge from beyond the grave...?

Meanwhile, an assistant wardrobe mistress takes a fancy to a dashing, blond, Occitan-speaking extra...

On the Ramparts of Tyre...

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