The Red Shoes

This film features the ultimate classic hero for us lifelong passionate Æsthetes...
So here is some instant inspiration!

Boris with Quotes

Quotable Boris:
Wise words for your desktop

Red Shoes Wallpaper 1

Boris and Vicky
...oh, and Julian
(just ignore him!)

Red Shoes Wallpaper 2

More Boris

Red Shoes Wallpaper 3

What every girl needs...

Vicky being winsome

More Ballet Nonsense...

Wherein the author, in Post-Modernist fashion, gatecrashes the story.
Doc M agrees to give 'an older woman's advice' to young Vicky, and only succeeds in making things worse...

Episode 1
Doc helps a kindred spirit from an old East Fife family...

Episode 2
Can a 'faerie godmother' be more persuasive than a 'faerie godfather'?

Episode 3
Guerlain's thicker than water...

Episode 4
The 'samovar warriors' regroup.

Episode 5
Picking up the pieces (erm... literally).

Episode 6
Picking up the pieces (metaphorically).


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