Wellington Barracks, London

Stephen Lewis informs us of a memorial erected in 1880 in the Royal Military Chapel, Wellington Barracks, London, in memory of Guards officers killed in the American War :

First American War, 1776-1783

Action at Westfield, North America, June 20th 1777
Captain the Hon. John Finch, 1st Guards

Action at Sea, September 1778
Colonel Thomas Howard, 1st Guards

Capture of Newhaven, July 5th 1779
Ensign and Adjt. W. Campbell, 3rd Guards

Passage of the Catawba, February 1st 1781
Lieut-Colonel Francis Hall, 3rd Guards

Battle of Guildford Court House, March 15th 1781
Lieut-Colonel the Hon. James Stuart, 1st Guards
Captain John Goodricke, 1st Guards
Captain the Hon. William Maynard, Coldstream Guards
Captain William Lord Dunglass, Coldstream Guards
Captain William Schutz, Coldstream Guards

Captain John Bourne, Coldstream Guards, December 1776
Lieut-Colonel Thomas Collins, 1st Guards, 4th June 1781
Lieut-Colonel Thomas Willet Saltren, Coldstream Guards, 1782
Captain Florentius Boscawen, 3rd Guards, at sea, April 18th 1782

In memory of William Home, Lord Dunglass, Lieutenant and Captain, Coldstream Guards. Died December, 1781, of wounds received at the Battle of Guildford, North America. Placed by Lieut.-Colonel Hon. W. Home, Grenadier Guards, 1880.


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